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In Ovo, an innovative biotech company in the Netherlands, develops solutions for the poultry industry. We are known for our in ovo gender screening method, which makes it possible to determine the gender of fertilized breeding eggs during the breeding process. This will prevent the manual sorting of newly hatched chicks and the consequent killing of male chicks in the laying industry. Now, we are starting a new project, which will utilize the male eggs.

When a hatchery implements the gender screening solution, it will no longer kill male chicks after they hatch. Instead. it will take out the male eggs on day nine of incubation. We consider these eggs to be a high-value resource which should not go to waste. We aim to use the total incubated egg as a natural bio-reactor. By using eggs as a medium for the growth of microorganisms, all sorts of compounds can be produced in a cheap way.

Microbiology researcher

We are looking for an experienced microbiologist, who has worked with bioreactors and culturing all sorts of microorganisms. We'll set up a bioreactor capable of large scale production of specific proteins. Therefore, you should be accustomed to such bioreactors, know how to maintain stable cultures of microorganisms and have experience with the extraction of specific compounds. In addition, it is preferred that you have worked with (chicken) eggs or poultry and have affinity with the topic.

We seek someone who likes to work in a small and agile team, is up for a challenge and wants to apply scientific knowledge for the development of actual products. We expect our team members to take responsibility for their own work and be team players at the same time. There will be ample room for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is highly encouraged. As a company we are always looking for new ideas and partnerships and as of such, we'd like you to set up and maintain a broad network of scientists and industry people.


Your tasks will focus mainly on this project:

  • A thorough analysis of relevant scientific literature
  • Explore business cases and choose the best one for a first product
  • Select and culture microorganisms
  • Set up a first small bio-reactor for proof-of-concept tests
  • Test the feasibility of a large scale bio-reactor
  • Run a small company lab

In addition, we'd like you to become a valuable team member and contribute to current or future projects:

  • Take part in discussions in ongoing projects
  • Stay up-to-date in the scientific fields of your expertise
  • Get acquinted with the poultry industry
  • Collect ideas for new projects

Please note

This project is financed by the EU via the H2020 SME Innovation Associate programme. As of such, candidates can only apply if they comply with the Transnational Mobility Criteria: in the three years preceding the starting date (1 September 2017), the researcher must have resided or carried out his or her main activity (work, studies, etc.) for no more than 12 months in the Netherlands. In other words: candidates can't have worked/studied for more than a year in the Netherlands in the last three years.

Important details

  • Starting date: 1 September 2017
  • Apply before: 31 May 2017
  • Full time job: Yes, 40 hours a week
  • Benefits: Holiday allowance, pension fee, relocation costs
  • Please apply with a CV as well as a motivation letter

Apply within 1 day (31 May 2017)

Full-time job
Ph.d. project
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