Together with us you can make a difference for the future global food market.
With us, you will get the opportunity to work with the most advanced technology in a dynamic and creative work environment, as we develop our solutions in strong cross-functional teams. Our instruments give an objective analysis of the food in all steps of the journey from the farm to the shelves in the supermarket. We always strive to be first, and Software is a fast growing area at FOSS. That is simply what we love to do. Want to join us?

Our business concept is actually quite simple; we’re following the raw material and food all the way from the farm, until it reaches the shelves in the supermarket.

During this process our instruments gives an objective analysis of the food to ensure fair payment, efficient food production, create value for our customers while helping deliver high quality, safe products and minimizing food waste.

Every year we launch 5 new solutions, have more than 100 patents and more than 20 world first introductions. FOSS reinvests over 10% of the turnover in customer-driven innovation and we are dedicated to being the first and best. The ‘top 100’ companies in food and agriculture use FOSS solutions.

Watch video with Søren, Project Manager at FOSS who shares how we develop new instruments:

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FOSS develops rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine testing to allow for fast decisions on how to maximise value of production of agricultural food products.

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All important data - how do we reach you? Short and precise overview of the employment and competences And then a paragraph about why we should choose you - what can you contribute with?

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Software Developer at FOSS

As software developer for new generation instruments, Martin develops software for completely new, first-in-the-world instruments that measure and analyse important food parameters in raw- and processed food, all the way from farm to supermarket.

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