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Mine kvalifikationer strækker sig fra strategisk planlægning af marketing- og kommunikationsindsatsen til konkret gennemførelse af planlagte tiltag. Jeg er faglig stærk indenfor mit felt, brænder for de digitale medier, og har værktøjerne til at udnytte dem. En problemløsende team player med et stort drive.

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Min uddannelse

HD 2. del (Marketing & Business)

HD - Marketing Management The candidate imparted through the research-based education has a profound professional and managerial competence in the marketing area. A Graduate in Marketing Management will be able to - lead the company's sales and marketing activities internally across functions and in relation to its external partners - reflect on and communicate marketing economic problems and solutions to other disciplines and functional areas on both tactical and strategic level - conduct economic impact analyzes in connection with the coordinations and management of development projects across the company's areas of operation and global consumer markets. The Graduate is able to fulfill the role of marketing manager in all types of development-oriented companies and has reinforced skills in areas such as: exports, sales/key account, trade marketing, service marketing, internat. marketing, marketing communications and branding, strategic market leadership, innovation & product development.
Copenhagen Business School - CBS
Periode: august 2014 - juni 2018

HD (A/U) (Marketing & Business)

HD - International Business The Graduate Diploma in International Business program endows the graduate with knowledge, capabilities and skills to work consciously and reflectively with managerial, functional and advisory roles associated with firms’ establishment and activities abroad. It prepares graduates for complex and unpredictable international management tasks through a broad base of knowledge along with capabilities to work independently as well as in collaboration with customers, suppliers, public authorities and staff with diverse functional and cultural backgrounds. Mandatory courses International trade & FDI Global sourcing International market analysis International business environment International innovation, operations & management International marketing & branding Practical seminar Final project Elective courses Emerging markets Fundamentals of multinational finance International negotiation International project management
Copenhagen Business School - CBS
Periode: august 1994 - juli 1998

BA i Fransk og Internationale Studier (Sprog, Media & Kommunikation)

Bachelor i fransk sprog og kultur giver dig kendskab til det franske sprog og til litteratur, kultur, samfundsforhold og historie i den fransktalende verden både i og uden for Europa. Man arbejder både teoretisk og praktisk med fag som fonetik, grammatik/lingvistik og oversættelse, og man får en indgående viden om det franske sprogs opbygning og brug. På den måde bliver man i stand til at kommunikere mundtligt og skriftligt på fransk i både formelle og uformelle situationer.
Copenhagen Business School - CBS
Periode: juni 1991 - juli 1994

BA i Engelsk (Sprog, Media & Kommunikation)

Bachelor uddannelsen i engelsk spænder vidt, både rent geografisk og i forhold til de akademiske discipliner. Man arbejder med det engelske sprog, både i dets mange varianter og som verdenssprog, med engelsksproget litteratur i alle genrer og til alle tider og med historie, samfundsforhold, politik og kultur i den engelsktalende verden.
Copenhagen Business School - CBS
Periode: august 1991 - juli 1994
Min erhvervserfaring

Marketing Manager (ChemoMetec A/S)

Main tasks 1) Implemented Global Sales and Marketing Strategy 2) Made the company digital introducing marketing automation tools with an extensive score point system ensuring many loyal customers 3) Managing and tuning the Marketing Team to perform better Results 1) Resulted in a strong focus on the company’s target segments, each product’s value proposition/positioning statement, and each step of the Customer’s Buying Journey. 2) Resulted in a 22% better conversion rate from leads to potentials which released valuable time to the sales reps and resulted in a total increase of 28% of the company’s revenue. Resulted also in a yearly increase of +25% in the organic traffic on the website. 3) Resulted in a highly motivated and engaged Marketing Team which has performed excellently with significant financial achievements for the company and a strong impact on the company's KPI’s.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: oktober 2012

Marketing Manager (Gunnebo Nordic A/S)

Main tasks: 1) Marketing strategy implementation 2) Introducing and implementing digital marketing 3) Optimizing workflows Results: 1) Resulted in a corporate respect for what Marketing can accomplish if the strategy made from data driven research is made properly 2) Resulted in visible results for the benefit of the company by implementing a new SEO optimized website which generated many new customers; making Google Adwords and setup of Google Analytics. 3) Resulted in several hours per week of released time for many employees by optimizing the way the sales reps obtained leads; the qualification of the leads and the handling of customer complaints.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: november 2007

Marketing Responsible (KMD A/S)

Main tasks: 1) Implementation of the marketing strategy 2) Responsible for the company's websites incl. SEO, SEM, Google Adwords and Google Analytics 3) Organizing seminars, courses and exhibitions 4) Responsible preparation of product sheets, newsletters and direct mails based on target audience analysis Results: 1) Resulted in a corporate focus on customer centricity 2) Resulted in higher organic and sponsored traffic to the websites, leading to more customers and increase in overall revenue of the company. 3) By creating more keen focus on the individual customer the conversion rates rose and we achieved the KPI’s 4) Resulted in a large range of marketing offline material useful to the sales reps and increased awareness.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: marts 2004

Marketing and Brand Manager (Groupe SEB Nordic A/S)

Employed as Marketing and Brand Manager at Groupe SEB Nordic A/S (subsidiary of Groupe SEB SA, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, which has more than 26,000 employees and a turnover of 4.8 billion EUR) I was the Executive Board's right hand and thus a key function in the Nordic organization. Strategic planning; design and implementation of marketing campaigns and materials; Trade fair planning and participation; preparation of PR efforts and press events, etc.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: marts 2002

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Bluegarden)

Employed as Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Multidata A/S (since 2012 Bluegarden A/S, the company behind DataLøn and MultiLøn - Scandinavia's largest supplier of systems for payroll and HR administration, has more than 65,000 companies as customers and handles salary payments to about 20% of all employees in Sweden, Norway and Denmark) I made textual as well as the graphic look of all mailings to start-ups as well as the performance of major campaigns on various products. Contact with media agencies, in charge of industry-related activities, reformulated technical heavy materials into communicative understandable sales materials, controlled the cooperation with external partners, and optimized continuously the website.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: juli 2000
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