Tips and Tricks Job Searching in Denmark: The Power of Mental Strength + Well-being

Career Denmark

Middle Jutland

This Tips and Tricks series will focus on how to build mental strength and being kind to yourself while job searching in Denmark.

Kate Dahl (Job Consultant for Internationals in Denmark) will discuss different methods about how to keep positive in your job search and how to build confidence in yourself when that confidence has been shattered.

Dimitar Cholakov (Mental Strength Coach from Bulgaria) will talk about how developing mental strength can help you get most of your job search. He will define what mental strength is, why mental strength is crucial and how you can enhance it with simple mind-shifts!

Kinga Kopfer-Rácz (Expat Coach from Hungary) will explain the importance of the emotional well-being in order to be ready for job search and work. Furthermore, she will dive deeper about the power of knowing ourselves honestly and that of what's going in our heart, mind and body. She will also emphasize the role of self-discovery in feeling belonging and why is it more important than fitting in even regarding your career.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

In addition, you will have a chance to win a candle creation from RE-bright to help in your journey of personal well-being and a 200 kr. gift card from SemilE for mending or patching your clothes for your next job interview

Early Bird Tickets: 150 kr. (only 10 tickets available and Deadline ends March 1st)

Limited Discount Ticket: 175 kr. (only 10 tickets available until March 15th)

Online Ticket Price: 199 kr.

Door Ticket Price: 250 kr (if any tickets are still available)

Event date 23 April 2020
Middle Jutland
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