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Student Developer

LEO Innovation Lab

Student Developer for Studies&Me

Would you like to develop and implement mobile apps for groundbreaking medical research? And would you like to implement them from scratch… in Scratch?

Studies&Me is a healthtech company coming out of LEO Innovation Lab. With our strong academic foundation in all areas medicine, computer- and data science, we are continuously developing new and better ways to develop and conduct virtual clinical studies to bring new treatments to patients.

Virtual clinical studies are studies that are conducted remotely and comfortably in the study participants’ own home, as opposed to traditional centralized studies, where participants on a regular basis must spend time and money on traveling to a study-affiliated clinic.

When you are reading this job post, we are already in the final phases of launching several pilot studies, collaborating with multiple well-renowned pharmaceutical developers around the world – and as we have many more studies planned in the near future, we are now looking to expand our team of developers.For any given study, we take the research protocol defined for the study, and implement it as native apps for Android- and iOS phones. The protocols can specify all sorts of study questions, from answering simple yes-no questions about diet or sleep patterns, to taking weekly photographs of skin lesions and grading them on a sliding scale, or extracting and transforming data from health trackers such as Fitbit, sleep monitors or smartwatches, or even from external third-party APIs.

Your role
The role is based in the heart of Copenhagen in LEO Innovation Lab’s offices on Silkegade.

Together with our doctors, developers and designers, your day-to-day tasks will be the ongoing implementation, debugging and testing of study apps, and the ongoing development and testing of solid, reusable standard libraries for use in current and future study apps.

The apps that we make are run natively on the mobile devices, and has interfaces to almost all of the device, be it location tracking, motion tracking, Bluetooth interaction and so forth. You will also be developing various kinds of UI- and design libraries together with our designers, for use in current and future study apps.

Oh, and here’s the twist:

As Studies & Me is a relatively small and internally collaborative team, we have deliberately chosen app development tools that are just as accessible to doctors and designers, as they are to more traditional developers. The server programming is done in Flowable, which is a visual programming language based on the Business Process and Modeling Notation standard, that also allows for both Groovy scripting and UEL expressions. The client programming is implemented in a proprietary fork of Google’s visual programming language Blockly – and is therefore basically fancy Scratch.

Needless to say, these tools are not traditional programming languages, and as they are designed with broad accessibility as a priority, they lack linters, have limited support for version control, and very limited static type- and syntax checking.

The visual programming itself is not necessarily challenging nor interesting. Instead, the fun and challenge comes from building and designing as strong, robust and correct software as possible, with lenient and sometimes exhilaratingly dynamic tools. And as our client Blockly code is compiled to both native iOS- and Android apps, and JavaScript (for app preview purposes), you might also run into situations where your code works perfectly in JavaScript, but breaks on devices; or vice versa. Such cases are always solvable, but they do require creative debugging skills, and an intuition for how programs might look when transpiled to different languages.

We already have supporters both on site- and remotely, and you will be mentored and helped by the best people that we have. We do not expect you to be neither a Scratch-, a Groovy- nor a BPMN wizard in any way before you start here – we want people with a solid and fundamental intuition for program structuring, for code details and for edge cases.

Our ideal candidate
As our ideal candidate, you have:

  • A fundamental preference for writing correct, readable, testable, and well structured code.
  • An understanding and interest for compilers, semantics, and types – at least on a highlevel.
  • A knack for creative debugging and problem solving.
  • A desire to work and develop code together with colleagues who don’t necessarily have a coding background.
  • Good English communication skills, both spoken and written.
  • Experience with Git.
  • A year or two left of your master’s degree.
  • Bonus points in you have some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Nonetheless, the perfect candidate is not always the most obvious one. If you find this job post interesting, but don’t feel you match perfectly with our expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.

What we offer

  • A unique student job with plenty of practical and abstract challenges
  • Responsibility for both design- and implementation decisions
  • Flexible schedule and an understanding that students sometimes have exams or other hard deadlines
  • Competitive salary and comfortable surroundings in our offices right next to Storkespringvandet
  • A nice lunch every day, cooked and served by our in-house chef
  • A passionate and diverse team from all over the world
  • The bragging rights of being able to call yourself a full stack Scratch developer

More information
At Studies&Me, we recruit from the widest possible pool and hire the best person for the job because diversity makes us stronger.

Great people often know great people – and since sharing is caring, please share this post if you have a friend who would love this job.

For any questions about the position, feel free to contact Mikkel Storgaard,

How to apply
Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to — with the subject “Student Developer”.

After a screening and a small programming assignment, we will invite applicants for interviews on a rolling basis, aiming to fill the position by the beginning of September.

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