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Out-Growers bring traceability to the cashew nut value chain. We reduce the chain from 7 to 3 tiers and deliver to the consumer with a story of smallholder cashew farmers multiplying their income with Out-Growers.

Our vehicle is a container-based standard factory unit we can replicate and multiply. We named it 'OUT-GROWERS HARAMBEE INDUSTRY' - HARAMBEE is Swahili for 'working together'.

We work together with the 1,700 Out-Growers farmers through a cooperative model where we involve farmer groups as co-owners. We retain full control over product and cash flow.

We are green. We leave a positive climate footprint. From the normally wasted cashew shells, we create CO2-negative Biodiesel. 11% Out-Growers Biodiesel in the tank makes a diesel-fueled factory CO2-neutral.

The technology is exclusively developed under UNIDO's Waste-to-Energy program with MASH Biotech. A DTU offspring.

Out-Growers have been in TANZANIA for 4 years. We've learned our do's and don’ts. We have an established top line from the Biodiesel in our factory in Tanga, North Tanzania.

Our Concept is relevant and in demand throughout sub-Saharan Africa, where 80% of raw cashew nuts are exported untreated to India and Vietnam with no local value addition.

Out-Growers Aps at a glance

Out-Growers Aps
Out-Growers Aps
Out-Growers arbejder sammen med 1700 Cashew Farmere i Mkinga District, Tanzania. Vi involverer farmerne i værdikæden gennem en standardfabrik vi kalder HARAMBEE - Swahili for at arbejde sammen. Vi ønsker at minimere ledene mellem farmer og forbruger gennem multiplicering af HARAMBEEn.

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