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I am a goal-oriented team-player who seeks to help to the best of my abilities. I am a very social person who seeks to engage in open and honest dialogues in order to achieve the best collaboration across borders and disciplines. I am very dedicated to solving big and small problems with my analytical skills and with a holistic approach.

Cand.merc International Business and Marketing Analytical Data Analysis Business Insights Enterprising BSc Market and Mangement Anthropology Outgoing Team-work  

Opdateret 19. september 2019
Min uddannelse
2018 - 2020

Cand.merc. Economics & Business Administration

Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

Cand.merc International Business and Marketing gives knowledge about and skills in using methods and tools in marketing, sales, or advertising, gain insight into and knowledge about different aspects of marketing, retailing, services, business to business and marketing research. Other fields of within the program: market research, imports, consultancy, exporting services marketing, direct marketing and distribution management.
Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: september 2018 - juli 2020
2015 - 2018


Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

Bsc. Market and Management Anthropology have help me acquire a global mindset, an understanding of people´s cultural values and the needs, challenges and desires of their everyday life, the ability to glean information from both stories and statistical charters, strong skills in communicating analysis to a wide audience, and the ability to operate across diverse cultures on solving problems and seeing opportunities.
Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: september 2015 - juli 2018
2017 - 2017

BSc. Business Administration

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

As a part of my Bachelor program I chose to study in Vietnam for one semester at ERC International Vietnam. I wanted to live in a country very different from my own and experience what it is like to live in a fast-growing economy to better understand its future potential.
Uddannelsesområde: Administration
Periode: juni 2017 - december 2017
Min erhvervserfaring
2018 - nu

Student Assistant Business Intelligence

Udvikling Fyn

As a student assistant in Business Intelligence I am responsible for the planning, gathering and conducting the analysis of data for qualitative research, this includes surveys and other consumer data. I have had experience with strategic market insights and data analysis in the effort to position Funen as a travel destination and attracts tourism through data driven decisions.
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: februar 2018 - nu
2016 - 2017

Student Assistant SDE

Syddansk Erhvervsskole

As a student assistant at Syddansk Erhvervsskole (SDE) for the executive board I have conducted market research, organised and monitored the KPI’s, prepared and analysed a diverse range of satisfaction surveys, formulated guides and helped with the development of SDE’s strategy
Arbejdsområde: Administration
Periode: juni 2016 - maj 2017
2013 - 2015

Guest Speaker - Strib Idrætsefterskole

Guest speaker at Strib Idrætsefterskole I did several presentations about culture, cultural differences and I talked about my own experiences of what it is like living abroad (Brazil) as young person
Arbejdsområde: Undervisning
Periode: januar 2013 - oktober 2015
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data analysis market insights marketing microsoft office qualitative research strategy
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