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Visionary, innovator, passionate, open.minded, and good sense of humor in the (Bio)Chemical Engineering, Biocatalysis, and Quantum Computation.
Very current for Science & Engineering Breakthrough by scientific sources. Excellent background in field areas such as Oil&Gas processing, food, environmental technologies, Academic Formation, and R&D.

Chemical Engineering PhD study Biocatalysis Catalytic enzymes Research and Development Nanotechnology Biochemical Engineering Test Engineering Process Engineering Chemistry Software Development Quantum Computation  

Opdateret 16. januar 2020
Min uddannelse
2005 - 2012

MSc, Environmental Engineering

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Maste´s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Zulia (Universidad del Zulia). Formed to work in the industries, research and academic field. Very formed mainly in design of air pollution control, wastewater treatment system, landfill and other waste solid treatment facilty, biogas production, laboratory scale tests, scale-up, chemical process simulations, enzymatic reaction engineering, surface characterizations, handling of laboratory equipment su as GC, IC, HPLC, AAS, X-ray diffraction and lyophilizer. This degree was completed while holding full-time job. Another reason to finish the Master beyond the deadline, due was the for a government decision which affected the early thesis and I had to change the research.
Uddannelsesområde: Teknik & Teknologi
Periode: januar 2005 - oktober 2012
1997 - 2004


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Bachelor´s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Zulia (Universidad del Zulia). Formed to work in the industries, research and academic field. Very formed mainly in Catalysis and the Environmental Area. From December 2002 until May 2003, Venezuela suffered an Oil Strike which affected all activities in Venezuela. For this reason, the Bachelor´s thesis was accomplished on February 2004. This research was published in the Tecniciencias Magazine for Latinamerican Region.
Uddannelsesområde: Teknik & Teknologi
Periode: februar 1997 - juni 2004
Min erhvervserfaring
2008 - nu

Process Engineer. Early position as Environmental Analyst.

Petroregional del Lago is a joint venture between Maurel & Prom and PDVSA located in the Westside in Venezuela. There is a Main Production Platform placed in the West Urdaneta Field to produce Oil & Gas. Also, this company produces the Solid Sulfur got from the Sulfur Recovery Unit because one of the basins is based in Sour Crude for the H2S acid gas
Arbejdsområde: Produktion
Periode: april 2008 - nu
2004 - 2007

Research Assistant and Laboratory Technican

The Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering is a R&D centre belong to University of Zulia in Maracaibo City, Venezuela. In this space is working as Environmental Study Facility and the academic place where the post.graduate students of Environmental Science Program are forming. This installation has sophisticated laboratory equipment to carry out many Researches and Developments.
Arbejdsområde: Produktion
Periode: marts 2004 - december 2007
Mine kompetencer
self-driven analytical biocatalysis biochemical processing design developer downstream & upstream processes innovator instrumental analysis mathematical modeling matlab organized quantum computation researcher scale-up simulations statistic sustainable technologies
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Deltidsjob Graduate/trainee Ph.d. & forskning Vikariat
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