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I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science which allows me to understand the entire software development lifecycle and data modeling using the newest software development technologies. I have excellent skills in programming with great emphasis on .NET C#, Java, C++, Python, R/RStudio, and cloud computing.

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Opdateret 21. juli 2022
Min uddannelse
2020 - 2022

Cand.scient. i Datalogi

Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

MSc. In Computer Science Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, University of Southern Denmark - SDU, Odense
FEBRUARY 2020 — JUNE 2022
MSc. In Computer Science: Specialization Data Science & Artificial Intelligence include machine learning, data mining, deep learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, visualization, and statistics related to the terms such as data analytics and big data modeling.
Thesis: Unsupervised multivariate Anomaly detection in Time series data
using deeplearnng approach.
Relevant Courses
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Linear and Integer Programming
Computational Statistics and Statistical Modeling
Microservices & Dev(Sec)Ops
Data visualization & Geocoding
Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: februar 2020 - juni 2022
2017 - 2018


Aalborg Universitet

Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: november 2017 - november 2018
2010 - 2013

MSc, Software Systems Engineering

Aalborg Universitet

Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: januar 2010 - januar 2013
2008 - 2010

BSc. Datalogi

Aalborg Universitet

Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: november 2008 - november 2010
Min erhvervserfaring
2020 - nu

Data Engineer

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

- Anomaly detection in urban water systems using an unsupervised method
- Medical image classification
- Medical Images segmentation and anomaly detection
- Digitalization and data modeling
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: september 2020 - nu
2017 - 2016

Software Developer

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

Computer Vision - Detection, extraction and enhancement of text from image and load it into Database for analyse and reporting using OpenCV, JavaCV and tesseract on Java (Eclipse) and Visual C++ using Visual studio 2015.
Test Automation for Web Applications using Selenium WebDriver on both Eclipse and Visual Studio.
Working on Communale Database .
Team working using JIRA , TFS, Git, martGit, Github versioning systems.
Arbejdsområde: IT - Software
Periode: januar 2017 - februar 2016
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Bank & Forsikring Forskning & Udvikling IT - Software
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