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During the four recent years I have been concentrating on finishing the bachelor of engineering degree what let me develop programming (C++ mostly) skills and gather a lot of pedagogical knowledge. As a part of my engineering thesis my friend and I have developed a small survival game in VR technology. Currently, I am moving to Copenhagen.

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Opdateret 26. februar 2020
Min uddannelse
2016 - 2020

Bachelor of Education

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

My studies at AGH let me gain a Bachelor of Engineering title in Education in Technology and Computer Science. This field is focused on developing practical programming skills, mostly in C++ language. Beside that, I had a chance to broaden my knowledge in the digital media area which led me to creating an educational survival game in VR technology as a part of my Engineering Thesis.
Moreover, I participated in many pedagogical curses and obtained qualifications to teach computer science and technical sciences in elementary schools.
Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: oktober 2016 - januar 2020
Min erhvervserfaring
2016 - 2019

Senior Sales Assistant

Yume Onigiri

My duties have not changed after the promotion.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: juli 2016 - december 2019
2015 - 2016

Sales Assistant

Yume Onigiri

I worked part-time as a senior sales assistant in a small food-truck company. My basic duties were providing customer service, specifically selling and sometimes preparing onigiris as well as keeping the customers informed of any available bargains. I was also responsible for setting the truck up, maintaining cleanness and closing the booth after each day of work.
During my work I had a constant contact with various types of people, thus I managed to develop excellent social and communication skills. In future job I will do my best to make good use of them :)
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: juli 2015 - juni 2016
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blender c++ css digital drawing html5 photoshop traditional drawing
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Event Freelance Fuldtidsjob Graduate/trainee
IT - Software Kunst & Kultur Salg
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