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25 years professional experience with governance, state building, mediation and conflict management, emergency response, from conflict and post-conflict countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Caribbean. Strong capacity in political and social analysis, and translating such into effective programme development and project management.

Analysis and programme management project management governance and statebuilding conflict management emergency response mediation governance  

Opdateret 23. oktober 2023
Min uddannelse
1987 - 1991

Cand.polyt. i Planlægning, Innovation og Ledelse

Aalborg Universitet

Civilingeniør i Planlægning og international relationer
Uddannelsesområde: Organisation & Ledelse
Periode: september 1987 - august 1991
1988 - 1990

Erhvervssproglig korr. (EG)

Aalborg Universitet

Spansk korrespondent; 3. år fuldført (af 4 år). Sidste år suspenderet pga. specialiserings år for M.Sc. / civilingeniør uddannelse.
Uddannelsesområde: Sprog, Media & Kommunikation
Periode: august 1988 - juni 1990
1983 - 1985

Anden mellemlang videregående udd.

Roskilde Universitetscenter (RUC)

Naturvidenskabelig Basisuddannelse
Uddannelsesområde: Naturvidenskab
Periode: september 1983 - juni 1985
Min erhvervserfaring
2017 - nu

Team Leader / Head of Office a.i.

United Nations, MINUSMA

-Conducted research and analyses on political and social developments; Assumed good offices and advised leadership on priorities and actions; prepared briefing notes and position papers, SG-reports, Code Cables; AARs;
-Prepared strategies and formulated integrated work programme to address political, social and peacekeeping concerns; Represented regional office in meetings, events and consultations with government, advised and negotiated positions, while maintaining effective work relations with officials; supervised, mentored and guided large team team;
-Designed integrated operations to achieve progress in mandate implementation; Led dialogues, mediated and facilitated some 40+ peace-agreements, with, inter-alia, over 90% reduction in intercommunity violence; Engaged youth in PoC and deradicalisation initiatives; build state institutional capacity for governance, including through committees to manage conflict drivers of land and natural resources management;
-mentor at pre-deployment training courses for peacekeepers
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: april 2017 - nu
2016 - 2017

Team Leader/ Sr. Civil Affairs Officer

United Nations, UNMISS

-Prepared socio-political conflict analysis and advised leadership on developments; formulated work programme with target priorities (PoC, access, conflict management) and operational ; Prepared TPs, reports, briefing notes;
-Led consultations with government, women-, youth-, religious groups and mediated the first meetings for peaceful coexistence between IDPs and resident communities in 2 years; Formulated initiatives on peaceful cohabitation (camps vs. communities); chaired PoC camp council, established in partnership with UNCT and NGOs, IDP camp management policy, modus operandi and governance;
-Maintained effective political communication with GoSS and opposition; coordinated integrated UN missions to opposition held territories for improved access, political dialogue; Facilitated 3 transhumance conferences that led to signing of peace agreements and smooth pastoralism; Managed projects, including fiduciary responsibilities; Mentored team and improved outreach and results;
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: oktober 2016 - april 2017
2013 - 2016

Sr. Advisor

United Nations, UNMIL

-Managed the DSRSG Front Office and guided the units in the office for coherence of work programme; advised DSRSG on critical reforms and activities under his portfolio; Managed socio-political analyses, prepared talking points, reports and briefs, RBB, benchmarking...;
-Coordinated strategic planning and budgeting (RBB); Prepared policy guidance and transition planning, including leading and coordinating the Mission's programmatic funding envelope and transition programme to the UNCT;
-Oversaw QIP programme and revised policy, enforced gender marker, aligned with mandate priorities; Led 10-year impact study; Oversight of gender mainstreaming; prepared sustainable safe homes for SGBV victims;
-Analysed State decision making structures and drafted policy white paper on a reorganized institutional framework to strengthen political and strategic decision processes;
-Partnered with UNCT and government and chaired TF to prepare integrated elections response contingency plans;
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: september 2013 - oktober 2016
2011 - 2013

Sr. Strategic Planner

United Nations, UNAMI

-Led and supported strategic planning of post-coalition era UN programmatic adaptation and restructuring; Prepared options white paper on Mission programmatic footprint for SRSG decision point, subsequently coordinated an integrated Task-Force to plan and manage the restructured UN footprint in southern Iraq, with full consideration to political, programme, human rights, humanitarian, financial, administrative and security parameters;
-Represented CoS in cost sharing discussions with UNCT and developed a simulation model for cost analysis and efficient decision making; Led programme criticality study as risk management tool to inform decisions on priority project execution setting;
-Coordinated ISF/UNDAF+ review aligned with UN comparative advantages; Led substantive RBB process; Oversaw and prepared policy papers and briefing notes, SRSG compact, SG-reports, code cables and other substantive documents; Supervised and mentored staff;
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: juni 2011 - september 2013
2008 - 2011

Sr. Civil Affairs Officer

United Nations, MINUSTAH

-As HoO a.i. I led Gonaives regional office and coordinated crisis response to the 2008 floods; managed negotiations and mitigated local political pressure; Chaired A/SMT and coordinated security arrangements for operations etc.; Managed outreach campaign to communicate activities and results;
-Drafted border management capstone policy and established integrated regional committees to coordinate national strategy; Led research and established database on customs revenue generation; Interlocutor with UNDAC team for the 2010 earthquake; Developed $5.4M integrated programme for State return and resettlement support;
-As Head of reporting and information unit, I prepared daily and weekly reports, thematic analyses and position papers; trained regional offices in analysis and reporting; This included preparing extracts, synthesis and translation for concise briefing to Mission leadership and HQ of reports from 10 field offices;
-Faculty at AECID training Cartagena, Colombia;
Arbejdsområde: Projektledelse
Periode: juni 2008 - juni 2011
2005 - 2008

Chief/ Humanitarian & Development Coordination Section

United Nations, MINUSTAH

-Led and managed inter-agency forum on policy, strategies and actions relating to hum/dev assistance issues and advised DSRSG/RC/HC on identified priorities; Ensured briefings and situation reports, prepared responses to requests and prepared operations to address stabilization needs, assistance and PoC in violent slums;
-Established in partnerships with Ministry of Plan and UN a nationwide coordination framework for planning, reconstruction, resource allocation; Delivered MPCE training on public planning, budget- and project preparation; Supported DSRSG advocacy with Ministry (MPCE) on the PRSP; facilitated consultative diagnostics and validation; participated in the UNDAF process;
-Formulated work plan; Supervised and mentored staff; led recruitment process, approaching 50/50 gender balance; Established reporting with detailed information flow; Prepared SG report input, TPs, briefings (ECOSOC, SC, UNHQ); coordinated planning and RBB;
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: februar 2005 - juni 2008
2004 - 2005

Humanitarian Liaison

United Nations, UNMIL

-Monitored relief and recovery initiatives, established information flow between UNMIL and UN humanitarian agencies and NGOs, and supported coordination mechanisms in 3 provinces; Initiated database on livelihood opportunities to strengthen data information flow for recovery efforts;
-Developed guidance and training of four leading NGO coordination and human rights networks; Formulated with the Protection Core Group a nationwide policy on protection; defined strategy for mapping and SGBV referral service;
-Coordinated "do-no-harm" training for the UN-system; conducted presentations in International Humanitarian Law;
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: juni 2004 - februar 2005
2002 - 2004

Area Coordinator

United Nations, UNAMA

-Established integrated UN/NGO recovery programme in Central regions; supported common UN policy developments;
Prepared training of 120 senior government officials in programme and project management, designed system to sustain their
acquired management skills;
-Coordinated winter assistance programme that reached 95,000 families and involved 25 UN agencies, NGOs and donors;
Incorporated M&E and communication strategy to ensure continued donor support;
-Focal point for the Afghanistan stabilisation programme (ASP); Advised DSRSG and ASP director on programme
implementation; Prepared recruitment protocols and information products;
-Coordinated synergetic inter-agency programme with 9 UN agencies for Kandahar province with focus on capacity building,
women/gender, livelihoods and infrastructure developments; Mobilized donor support and funding for women small-scale
handicraft cooperatives and for girls' education projects;
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: januar 2002 - juni 2004
1998 - 2002

Field Advisor

United Nations

-Conducted analysis on security and socio-economic trends, identified intervention priorities; prepared reports and recommendations to OCHA and HC/RC; Coordinated action plans with humanitarian agencies and government for recovery and resettlement assistance to 23,000 people made homeless by flash floods, and to 220,000 IDPs fleeing attacks and warfare; Provided briefings, reports, NTFs... to HQ and community;
-Fostered and maintained relationships with Goverment counterparts; Defined strategies, including protection, particularly for single women households in risk of SGBV, and advised on resettlement programmes; advocated for compliance with IHL and resettlement norms;
-Screened and recommended projects for programme funds ($2.5M); Coordinated initiatives with UNHCR and advised HC/RC on project synergies to enhance beneficiary results and impact; Prepared, as Area Security Coordinator, security and evacuation plans for UNCT/NGOs; Managed 2 offices in North and South Angola;
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: februar 1998 - januar 2002
1996 - 1997

Head of Sub-Office

International Organization for Migration

-Prepared and implemented demobilization and return installation for 9,000 ex-combatants, coordinated programme with peacekeepers and OCHA and negotiated with rebels for access into UNITA controlled areas;
-Conducted assessments of reinstallation area, including social and physical infrastructures, using a community based approach; prepared return, resettlement and reintegration plans for IDPs, refugees from DRC into Malange and Lundas provinces;
-Undertook statistical analyses and prepared regular reports and briefing to IOM leadership, governor and counterparts; liaised with government, UN-agencies, NGOs to coordinate projects and activities;
-Established and managed sub-office, negotiated contracts, prepared programme budget and funds disbursements with large cash-flow; held fiduciary responsibilities, ensured thrifty finances and management; recruited, coached and appraised staff;
Arbejdsområde: Politik & Samfund
Periode: april 1996 - oktober 1997
1994 - 1995

Roads Engineer


-Responsible for the ILO Feeder Roads Programme in Zambezi Province; Start-up, management and organisation of works; Expanded the programme to include three work brigades (700 people), during my tenure I oversaw 150 km feeder roads completed or in progress, rehabilitated through labour-intensive methods to high quality standards; Planned works incl. assessments, budgets and maintenance needs; Established management and monitoring system for the ECMEP director with respect to expenditure, consumption and cost; Trained counterpart, engineers and foremen in work planning, technical calculations and price analysis;
-Promoted income generation opportunities for local communities; Considering the traditionally male dominated sector, I considerably improved gender balance (23% women employed), including into supervisory positions and responsibilities; In collaboration with WFP, I managed innovative subsidized food scheme for workers designed to not distort market mechanisms;
Arbejdsområde: Konstruktion & Beregning
Periode: april 1994 - marts 1995
1993 - 1994

Field Officer


-Responsible for return and resettlement of refugees to Niassa province; Prepared detailed resettlement and assistance plan based on intended return destination, population density, socio-economic impact, existing and needed social infrastructures, state capacity for social service delivery etc.); Conducted field assessment and budget estimates;
-Coordinated with Government and NGOs to facilitate the safe return of 120,000 refugees to Niassa province and ensured smooth implementation of the repatriation and reintegration programme;
-Managed transit camps and return flow of 43,000 returnees within 7 days upon simultaneous closure of three camps in Malawi; Established and managed 2 field offices in Niassa province; identified office locations, negotiated rental contracts;
Arbejdsområde: Projektledelse
Periode: november 1993 - oktober 1994
1993 - 1993


Conseil Cristao de Mozambique/ Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

-Planning, implementation and monitoring of the infrastructure components of the CCM resettlement programme in Niassa province. Prepared complete return and resettlement plan, (identification, data collection and assessment, appraisal and priority setting, costing of roads and social infrastructures); prepared project documents for donor presentation and funding;
-Developed computer based programme to facilitate, construction cost calculations and logistics arrangements for infrastructure rehabilitation, significantly improving decision making and efficiencies; Supported DCA manager in monitoring relief item distributions;
-Prepared proposal for return and reinstallation of 15,000 migrant workers from southern Mozambique; developed return and reintegration project, family tracing to areas of origin in Maputo and Inhambane provinces;
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: april 1993 - oktober 1993
1992 - 1993

Physical Planner

Government of Mozambique/ Ibis

-Strengthened planning methodologies of the Physical Planning department to improve decision making and registration procedures. Strengthened capacity of department to influence provincial decision making for urban and rural development;
-Trained department staff in planning methodology and tools to improve spatial zoning, land distribution and design of development plans; Developed information and communication products on results;
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: februar 1992 - marts 1993
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