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Innovative Medical Device Professional with solid experience and drive that creates sustainable results

I bring with me more than 25 years of experience from the medical industry and 20 years with International Product Management – complemented by a background in Research and Development.

Audiologi Ultralyd Product manager User Experience Hearing  

Opdateret 22. maj 2022
Min uddannelse
1978 - 1983


Aalborg Universitet

Uddannelsesområde: Naturvidenskab
Periode: september 1978 - juni 1983
Min erhvervserfaring
2011 - nu

Global produktchef

GN Otometrics, Taastrup, Denmark
Develops, manufactures and sells audiological systems worldwide

Business and Product Manager, Software Platforms
Responsible for OTOsuite, Otometrics’ software universe, integrating all newer diagnostic and fitting tools – and driver on the definition of next generation.

Defined and validated OTOsuite REPORTS, the most comprehensive and at the same time the most user-friendly audiological report solution on the market.

Defined and launched OTObase, an easy-to-use Noah-like patient management database that integrates directly with most EMR/EHR systems through HL7.

Played key role in the development of above e.g. as scrum product owner.
Arbejdsområde: IT - Software
Periode: april 2011 - nu
2011 - 2012

New business developer & Area manager

LBN Medical, Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark
World leading reseller of imaging equipment.

Responsible for building new business area (Multi-Vendor Service).
Responsible for running business in Scandinavia.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: november 2011 - marts 2012
1992 - 2011

Global produktchef

BK Medical (today BK Ultrasound), Herlev, Denmark
Develops, manufactures and sells ultrasound systems worldwide.

Since 2000: Global Product Manager for scanners responsible for all existing and future consoles in their full lifecycle.
Defined and launched e.g. Flex Focus, a family of ultrasound systems that is considered to have redefined the look of ultrasound systems and today outnumbers any previous BK scanners.

1997-2004: Project and Product Manager for 3D Product series. Developed in cooperation with a Canadian company. Today (in a way) taken over by BK Medical.

1995 - 97: Market Manager for Cryo Surgery for Europe. Introduction of the company’s first third-party product and first therapeutic product.

1992 - 95: Project Manager, e.g., on cost reduction where the cost of the company’s most sold and most expensive scanner was reduced by 12%.
Arbejdsområde: Forskning & Udvikling
Periode: januar 1992 - november 2011
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