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I add value by enabling achievement of sales budgets through relationships and analysis. I thrive working in cross-functional and international teams. My key strengths are, my experience from both startups and General Insurance allowing me to engage unique partnerships, and aligning stakeholders to ensure we get to ensure we get things done.

Partnerships Relationship management accountable Business Development  

Opdateret 22. marts 2020
Min uddannelse
2014 - 2016 E-business

Copenhagen Business School - CBS

Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: september 2014 - juni 2016
2009 - 2014

BSc. Business Administration

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: marts 2009 - marts 2014
Min erhvervserfaring
2019 - nu

Distribution Partner

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

I am an accountable relationship manager for our key Brokers & Clients, responsible for presenting our bundled quotes to major prospects, always looking to find and develop Partnerships and facilitating the business by utilising Business Intelligence Systems.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: marts 2019 - nu
2017 - 2019

Business Analyst

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

In this role my main achievement was implementing a targeted new business approach by implementing Salesforce in the Nordics. As a Business Analyst I was ranked as one of the top performers of AIG’s competitive global training and development program called the AIG Academy.
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: juli 2017 - februar 2019
2016 - 2017

Account Manager UK

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

Customer Success Manager for UK. Working to grow and develop a portfolio of SMB customers by maximising their ROI through consumer reviews, while continuously achieving retention and upsell targets.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: september 2016 - juni 2017
2015 - 2016

Integration Manager UK

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

I was responsible for onboarding new clients and ensuring adoption, I consulted companies in the best possible implementation and integration of Trustpilot’s service.
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: september 2015 - august 2016
2012 - 2013

Membership & Communication Executive

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

At DRI Malaysia, a non-profit education institute specialised in Business Continuity Management, I was in charge of the omni-channel marketing strategy and relationship to the market.
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: september 2012 - maj 2013
Mine kompetencer
business development business intelligence insurance insurtech partnerships relationship management tech
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