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Since my education as an electronics engineer I have mainly worked within IT service management at international companies. In addition I have worked with electronics development and production.
I am currently employed at IT operations as a Problem Manager. I have paved the way for the proces and

Problem Management ITIL Management ITIL IT Process development Change Management Release Management Situation Management Capacity Management Project Management Reporting IT Service Management tools - ITSM incident Management  
Opdateret 23. marts 2017
Min uddannelse
1996 - 1999

BSc. Electronic and IT

Odense Teknikum

I studied at Odense Teknikum, and the final examination was within television signals and teletext. My practical training was at LH Agro where I worked with waste indicators on combiners.
Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: marts 1996 - juli 1999
1996 - 1999

BSc. Electronic and IT

Odense Teknikum

I studied at Odense Teknikum, and the final examination was within television signals and teletext. My practical training was at LH Agro where I worked with waste indicators on combiners
Uddannelsesområde: Elektro & Telekommunikation
Periode: marts 1996 - juli 1999
1991 - 1991

Anden kort videregående udd.

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i Danmark

Commander of Action Line and Instructor of Fire & Rescue
Education of leadership and people management together with teaching skills.
Second Officer in charge at emergency response calls.
Examined Instructor of Smoke Diving.
Examined Team Leader within the Danish Fire Brigade.
Uddannelsesområde: Undervisning & Pædagogik
Periode: januar 1991 - juli 1991
1983 - 1985

Anden kort videregående udd.

Aalborg Handelsskole

Software Programmer - The two years of study model at Aalborg EDB-skole.
Knowledge of software:
C, COBOL, Assembler, BASIC, PASCAL, COMAL, Windows and HTML.
Uddannelsesområde: Administration
Periode: august 1983 - juli 1985
Min erhvervserfaring
2014 - nu

Problem & Capacity Manager

Region Midtjylland

Preparing and developing the ITIL problem management process is one of my primary tasks. Another major task was the development and implementation of the IT Service Management tool ServiceNow. Secondarily, I have worked with the ITIL capacity management. Region Midtjylland operates all hospitals in the region and the IT department serves around 35,000 users in hospitals, regional houses, ambulances, helicopters and institutions. They all rely on secure and stable IT operations.
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: november 2014 - nu
2013 - 2013

Incident & Problem Manager


My main task was to participate in the big transition of the Arla Foods' contract from IBM to NNIT. My job was multifunctional as I was an Incident Manager (ITIL) and later I continued as a Problem Manager (please refer to IBM below). I have direct contact to end-users, customer responsible and management. Documentation and project management is essential to my work as I am a part of the continual improvement system.
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: april 2013 - oktober 2013
2007 - 2013

Senior Problem Manager

IBM Client Innovation Center

Software and hardware incidents occurs, and my responsibility is to lead the root cause analysis by investigating the question "Why?". In the error control phase I lead the implementation of the determined preventative actions (short and long term basis). A part of the process is risk assessment and reporting (converting and digesting technical language). My role is a part of the ITIL incident, problem and change management.
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: november 2007 - marts 2013
2005 - 2007

Operational Acceptance Test Manager

IBM Client Innovation Center

My responsibility was to approve the transition from the development environment to full production. I put together an internal international team of technicians for each project and lead them through a series of tests. I secured the progress of work to meet the deadline of each project in coordination with the project leader. Before the final OK everybody had to acknowledge and confirm the test results. No items passed the keyhole without my approval.
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: oktober 2005 - november 2007
2003 - 2005

Technical Support Coordinator

PBI Dansensor A/S

They develop and produce units for gas mixing and testing as well as permeability testers. My responsibility is to help control of our quality. I collect/administer information about faulty units and spare parts and produce statistic and initiate corrective actions. My responsibility also covered follow-up on projects in the technical department
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: maj 2003 - januar 2005
2000 - 2002

Electrical Engineer

Carlo Gavazzi Industri A/S

I was employed in Field Application Engineering. My assignments were to meet our costumers' needs within sensors or electrical controlling units. This was often done by changing existing electronics. The basis for this was our optical, inductive, capacitive, and conductive sensors
Arbejdsområde: Forskning & Udvikling
Periode: juli 2000 - juni 2002
1991 - 1993

Second in Command


I was second in command during emergency response calls. My daily responsibility was to plan and carry out training for conscripts (military service at the Civil Defense). They were educated within firefighting, smoke diving, environmental operations and rescue operations
Arbejdsområde: Medicinal & Sundhed
Periode: august 1991 - juli 1993
1989 - 1990

Software Programmer


My responsibility was to meet our costumers' desires via programming in BASIC. The range of costumers was the medico business and hospital sector. My main contacts were the private hospitals. I was responsible for the software interface to analytic machinery. B-data has been merged into WM-data at April 2004. WM-data has been merged into Logica at December 2007. Logica has been merged into CGI at October 2012
Arbejdsområde: IT - Software
Periode: januar 1989 - august 1990
1986 - 1988

System Supporter ServiceDesk

Nykredit Systemsektionen

I was the connecting link between our end-users and our technicians. I was placed in the call centre for our office software (Norsk Data). The help desk function brought me in contact with a vide range of persons within Nykredit
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: marts 1986 - august 1988
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change management continuous service improvement (csi) data analyst incident management it service management tools - itsm itil key performance indicator management (kpi) kpi ola operation level agreement management (ola) problem management process management process ownership project coordination project management release management reporting service level agreement manager (sla) service management servicedesk servicenow situation management sla team lead test management
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