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Internationally experienced, business oriented CFO with a strong strategic focus.
A structured and well-organized “right hand” for the CEO. Over 10 years of leadership management. Very experienced in the financial disciplines as cash management, reporting, budgeting etc. Other competences are M&A, taxes, TP, change management, restructuring

Visionary Ambitious Result oriented Strategic  

Opdateret 03. november 2019
Min uddannelse
2001 - 2008


Copenhagen Business School - CBS

Uddannelsesområde: Økonomi & Revision
Periode: august 2001 - februar 2008
1997 - 2001

HD (R)

Copenhagen Business School - CBS

Uddannelsesområde: Økonomi & Revision
Periode: august 1997 - juni 2001
Min erhvervserfaring
2016 - nu


RGS Nordic A/S

Areas of responsibility:
• Sparring partner to CEO, the business and the Board.
• Responsible for all aspects on the financial side e.g. reporting to management, budget, the monthly closing, cash forecasting etc.
• Build up a finance- and IT team.
• Acquisition of two Nordic companies and a merger of a Danish company.
• IT-responsible, implementation of new ERP, NAV 17 and weighing systems, upgrading all the business sites and the infrastructure.
• Managerial responsibility for 14 employees.

• Supporting the transformation into a performance culture, participating in board meetings, following up with the regional managers etc.
• Professionalize the reporting package to management, implementing standard cost system, creating transparency in the figures, optimize internal procedures etc.
• Establish the finance- and IT teams – first in Denmark and later in Sweden. Giving a clear structure, defined roles and efficiency. Strategic, creating One finance and IT Nordic.
• Executed on the acquisition of a Norwegian and a Swedish company and the merger of a Danish company.
• Implement several IT projects, starting with upgrade on the business sites and the infrastructure and hereby having an IT base for the implementation of a weighing and new ERP, NAV 17, systems. Reducing the employees in the IT-team by two headcounts.
• After the Swedish CFO left the company this summer, I have been working from Denmark 3 days a week – and 2 days from Sweden.
Arbejdsområde: Topledelse
Periode: januar 2016 - nu
2014 - 2015

Director, Head of Accounting

Nordic Tankers

Areas of responsibility:
• Responsible for all aspects on the financial side e.g. reporting to management, budget, the monthly closing, cash forecasting etc.
• Ensuring the merger of companies.
• Implementation of new ERP system, and closing down two old ERP systems.
• Centralization of the accounting department by closing the office in Jutland.
• Structuring the accounting department to become efficient.
• Managerial responsibility for 20 employees.
• Establish corporation towards the business, subsidiaries, pool- and joint venture partners.

• All monthly closing were done in time and the reporting date improved significant.
• Closing of the accounting department in Jutland with success including the used ERP system.
• Structuring the new accounting department into different teams with special competencies and by doing this getting an efficient department. Reduced the staff with 5 employees.
• Ensured the proper figures for the mergers and the plan for execution.
• Establish good relationship towards the operation/business and became a business partner to be consulted before new initiatives were taking.
Arbejdsområde: Topledelse
Periode: marts 2014 - september 2015
2009 - 2014


ThyssenKrupp Elevator A/S

Areas of responsibility:
• Responsible for all aspects on the financial side e.g. reporting to management, budget, the monthly closing, cash forecasting, taxes etc.
• Sparring partner to the CEO and the business.
• Ensuring the implementation and integration of the acquisition. Responsible for the due diligence.
• Ensure the implementation of new IT systems.
• Transfer pricing officer and responsible for the joint taxation in Denmark.
• Assisting the Swedish office.
• Managerial responsibility for 10 employees.

• Strategic optimization of the processes in the company turned several years’ deficit into profit. Full transparency in the figures supported the initiatives.
• I executed the due diligence in aspects as finance and operational and negotiated with the owners and subsequently insured the integration into the business. The process went as planned, quickly and without any terminations from employees.
• Secured ISO certification for the company needed to provide the services.
• Provided assistance to our Swedish affiliate in connection with implementation of new ERP system. Improved their scheduled implementation time.
Arbejdsområde: Topledelse
Periode: september 2009 - februar 2014
2004 - 2009

MD and Auditor

One Revision

Areas of responsibility:
• Building up the company.
• Securing the internal management.
• Taking strategic decisions in relation to the growth of the business.
• Elaboration of annual accounts including taxation statements for own customer portfolio.
• Provide consultancy within taxation, M&A and establishment of companies, for own customer portfolio.
• Managerial responsibility for 10 employees.

• Established a company from scratch – with 6 auditors in the beginning and through acquisitions and organic growth made the company grow to 15 employees with corresponding growth in customer portfolio.
• Cultural– inspirator. Contributed to the establishment of a well-functioning company and the creation of a positive spirit and sense of solidarity among the employees with the objective to meet the company’s goals.
Arbejdsområde: Økonomi & Forvaltning
Periode: september 2004 - august 2009
1999 - 2004

Manager Auditor

BGC Revision

Areas of responsibility:
• Assisted the chartered accountant with major cases.
• Looked after own customer portfolio consisting of minor customers.
• Managerial responsibility for 1 auditor trainee
Arbejdsområde: Økonomi & Forvaltning
Periode: januar 1999 - august 2004
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m&a restructuring tax transfer pricing transformation
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