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Job for Ukrainian refugees in Denmark


Danish Government now offers the refugees of the Ukrainian crisis a possibility to start working immediately upon their arrival in Denmark. As Denmark's prime job base for job seekers with higher education we are attempting to collect all such fast-track jobs offers in this section.

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Are you Ukrainian refugee?

More and more companies are offering fast-track jobs for Ukrainians in Denmark. Find all fast-track jobs requiring higher education on the link below.

Apply for fast-track jobs in same way, as you would apply for any other job. Find more resources about Danish job market for highly educated here.

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Are you an employer?

Do you have a fast-track job offer for Ukrainian refugees? We currently offer to publish your fast-track refugee offers free of charge. Send us a link to your job through the button below.

Note: Jobbank.dk services job seekers with higher education only. For other jobs, please use Jobindex or find more options at JobGuideUkraine.dk.

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Fast-track jobs for Ukrainian refugees

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