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Software Engineer with +4 years of experience in delivering high-quality software development. From a frontend enthusiast to a proficient full-stack developer. My toolkit features React and TypeScript for engaging web interfaces, complemented by Flutter and Dart, alongside React Native, for cross-platform mobile applications.

Frontend developer Full Stack React Typescript React Native GraphQL Prisma Google Cloud AWS TailwindCSS CSS REST PostgreSQL NextJS  

Updated 29. maj 2024
My education
2020 - 2023

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Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

Bachelor i Software Engineering
Educational area: IT
Period: oktober 2020 - januar 2023
My work experience
2023 - 2024

Full Stack Developer

Jysk Fynske Medier

* Specialize in developing e-commerce marketplace platforms, encompassing front-end and back-end development to deliver robust and user-friendly applications.
* Proficient in React and TypeScript for web development, ensuring high performance and maintainability of front-end applications.
* Integral member of the mobile development team, utilizing React Native and Expo EAS to extend marketplace capabilities to mobile platforms, enhancing user experience across all devices.
* Responsible for architecting front-end applications using React.js, aligning with best practices and business requirements.
* Develop and maintain backend services, ensuring scalability, security, and eciency.
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive business objectives, demonstrating strong teamwork and
communication skills.
* Lead efforts in mobile performance and scalability optimization, contributing to the success of applications on the App Store and Google Play.
* Proficient in a diverse technology stack, including React Native, TypeScript, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), GraphQL, PostgreSQL, NextJS, React, Grafana, TailwindCSS, and Prisma, leveraging these tools to build scalable, high-performance applications.
Work area: IT - Software
Period: april 2023 - maj 2024
2021 - 2023

Student Software Engineer

Knowledge Gate Group

* Full Stack Software Engineer specializing in SaaS solutions for both B2B and B2C sectors, leveraging expertise in Typescript, HTML, and CSS to drive product development and innovation.
* Proficient in a broad range of modern technologies including React (with Typescript), React Native, NextJS, Prisma, GraphQL, Firebase, and TailwindCSS, contributing to robust and scalable web and mobile applications.
* Excelled in a dynamic start-up environment, demonstrating a proactive approach to taking full ownership of diverse projects from inception to deployment, while remaining adaptable to evolving business needs.
* Fostered collaboration and synergy across multidisciplinary teams globally, enhancing project outcomes through effective communication and shared objectives, in both in-person and remote hybrid work settings.
* Designed and implemented intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and engaging User Experiences (UX), signficantly improving user engagement and satisfaction metrics across multiple platforms.
* Cultivated strong stakeholder relationships by presenting innovative solutions and strategic insights through compelling presentations to investors and C-level executives, facilitating informed decision-making, and securing buy-in for key initiatives.
* Stepped up as the sole developer for 3 months following the CTO's departure, successfully maintaining and advancing the company's technological and development roadmap, ensuring continuity and stability.
Work area: IT - Software
Period: maj 2021 - april 2023
2019 - 2020

Frontend developer

Haagerup Consult ApS

* Frontend developer working as a consultant on multiple client software projects.
* Used React Typescript and created SCSS, utilized Bootstrap 4 framework.
* Solved front-end tasks for customers with specific requirements.
* Attended customer meetings and gained an understanding of various customer requirements.
* Worked with Flutter using Dart programming language.
* Created a Flutter app for iOS and Android with Bluetooth capability.
* Worked closely with hardware developer to implement Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in Flutter.
* Conducted extensive research on Bluetooth security to protect customer sensors with Flutter.
* Strengthened competencies in idea development, independent research, and development in Flutter.
Work area: IT - Software
Period: oktober 2019 - august 2020
2018 - 2019

Student Frontend Developer

eventii A/S

* Helped eventii create new websites and designs for their customers.
* Utilized Bootstrap 3, Javascript, CSS, SCSS, HTML, .NET, and SQL.
* Created HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the projects.
* Developed SQL Queries for making changes to the database.
* Gained experience working with a large code base and making necessary changes to meet project requirements.
* Strengthened ability to adapt to customer needs and provide tailored solutions.
Work area: IT - Software
Period: oktober 2018 - september 2019
2016 - 2018

Freelance Developer

Gashi Consult

* Worked as a freelance study programmer for IT companies Cerno, Art of Web, and Haagerup Consult
through my own company Gashi Consult.
* Fixed bugs and created new features for clients.
* Collaborated with colleagues to develop websites and iOS/Android apps.
* Working as a team coordinator, responsible for 4 other study programmers due to the CEO’s absence.
* Strengthened programming skills and developed managerial responsibilities and competencies within
business and management.
* Learned to communicate with key clients such as CEOs and IT executives.
Work area: IT - Software
Period: august 2016 - september 2018
My skills and abilities
aws css frontend developer full stack google cloud graphql javascript nextjs postgresql prisma rest tailwindcss typescript
Skills at working proficiency
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Freelance Fuldtidsjob
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Forskning & Udvikling IT - Software
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40.000 DKK / month
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