CostBits ApS


We are a group of entrepreneurs, senior businesspeople and x-consultants who got frustrated of seeing good solutions turn bad. Where others focus on the IT solution or the management perspectives of cost - we focus on creating workable and understandable solutions for real employees in their day to day environment


Despite heavy IT investments companies often fail to solve the cost transparency issue. CostBits is taking the power of big corporate tools and scaling them down to size for higher efficiency.

Most tools and training does not take into consideration the employees, who have to use the tools every day. Employees who need everyday involvement from managers or cross-department. All without extensive training, support from super users and cumbersome ramp-up programs with high levels of failures.

CostBits ApS

Dronningens Tværgade 5, 1, 1302 København K

A powerful analytics solution built by professionals to bring transparency to your costs. We are laser focused on actionable insights and as a result our clients typically enable 4-11% year on year 3rd party supplier cost reductions.

We accept unsolicited job applications: Apply through our webpages
We perodically offer student internships

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