Craft a credible application The Law of Jante Walk Like a Dane, Talk Like a Dane
Writing applications
Here are some quick tips to try and ensure your application is at the top of the pile. The advice here will very likely apply to all applications for a job you’ll ever make whether it is a solicited or invited application, for a student or graduate position and in Denmark or elsewhere.
Daniel Bird (edited 2024)
Solicited job application - a guide
You have found a job posting that you simply MUST apply for, and now it's time to dust off the keyboard and write a compelling solicited application. Here's our guide on what should be included in your application - and most importantly, how to present yourself as the indispensable employee.
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Unsolicited job application - a guide
Sending an unsolicited application can be a great idea. But make sure you explain clearly what you bring to the table and why you're interested!
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Craft a credible application
The job application is a prospective employer's first impression of you. Therefore, take all possible steps to ensure that the impression is credible.
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