Managing your interview nerves
For some, being nervousness can be so strong at interview that it can seriously impair their performance. This need not be the case. Lykke Pedersen, MSc., gives advice on how to get your nervousness to work for you.
Lykke Pedersen, MSc (interview)
HR-cheferne om uopfordret ansøgning
Hvad er vigtigt at huske, når man skriver en uopfordret ansøgning? HR-chefer fra nogle af landets største virksomheder giver et bud!
Redaktionen, Move On Career
Writing applications
Here are some quick tips to try and ensure your application is at the top of the pile. The advice here will very likely apply to all applications for a job you’ll ever make whether it is a speculative or invited application, for a student or graduate position and in Denmark or elsewhere.
Daniel Bird
HR-cheferne om opfordret ansøgning
Hvad skal en god ansøgning indeholde og hvilke fejl bør man holde ekstra øje med? HR-chefer fra nogle af Danmarks største virksomheder giver et bud.
Redaktionen, Move On Career